Advanced Treatment Plants


Advance treatment plants or Packaged sewage treatment plants perform the same function as a septic tank but take it a step further. By adding air to the effluent they change the bacteria digesting the sewage from anaerobic to aerobic. Aerobic bacteria are much better at digesting effluent then their anaerobic cousins. Some also add a place for the aerobic bacteria to colonize often called a bio digester.


These advance treatment plants are often costlier then a two compartment septic tank but can sometimes make the overall cost of the treatment system more cost effective. They are also the most environmentally friendly of all the systems as the sewage is treated to about 80% of the overall required treatment.



The effluent produce "D" by quality advanced treatment plant will be clear and odorless so even if there is a break down in the subsequent soil based treatment facility, there is little danger of water or ground pollution. The soil based portion of the treatment system will be under less stress because there is very little soil clogging material in the effluent. Because there is not much chance of soil clogging or bio mat formation, a smaller drain field is needed for these systems, making them well suited to smaller lots or difficult soil textures.


We are proud suppliers of Norweco's Singulair Green Advanced Treatment Plants. After much research, we believe it to be one of the best in North America and the most cost effective plant in Alberta. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.